Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I promise the kids are excited... I just think they weren't too excited about having to sit next to my "2" on the driveway! :)

We've hit two months on the wait list. The second month did not go by as fast as the first, but it's still going by fairly quickly. But in the past month, the kids & I traveled to MD & PA to visit friends, then the whole family traveled to Charleston, SC. We've logged quite a few miles in the minivan!

I've been stalking the Gladney FBI and realized just last night that, although we are about #29 on the list, we are #6 for a boy! YIKES! That makes me excited and scared all at once. We really need to get going on our fundraising. I think our original plan was to make it through our Heart for Africa trip in July and focus on fundraising when we got back. But now I'm a little worried that we'll be pushing it a little.

As always, we're praying so much and so hard about this adoption and right now we're praying about being more open to a child with medical issues. We've always said we were open to correctable medical problems but we're looking into the possibility of adopting a child who might have some more special needs. Please pray with us about that!

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  1. DUUUDE!!!! You're getting so close already!!! I'll totally pray for your funds, and for guidance. I'm so thankful for you!!!


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