Monday, June 7, 2010

House: 7, Us: 0

Just in case you weren't counting the number of things in our house that have broken since we started the adoption process, I thought I'd update everyone on the latest statistics: 7 things. Yes, seven major appliances/parts of the house have broken since we committed to adopting. Here they are:

1. Dishwasher
2. Kitchen cabinets/floor/sink, etc (as a result of broken dishwasher)
3. Dryer
4. Shower
5. Computer
6. Lawnmower (I told y'all it caught on fire, right?)

7. AC - yes that's right, our entire AC unit blew out and needs to be completely replaced. The repair guy told me that he has never seen a capacitor blown out like that EVER in the 17 years he's been working. His tone made me think maybe I should be proud! :)

Every time God presents me with some kind of challenging thing to do I know that I'll learn something in the process. When we started the adoption process, I figured I'd learn some (much needed) patience. And I knew I'd need to learn to ask for help since I knew we'd be doing some fundraising.

But you know what? Pride is also something I struggle with. I love my life (most of the time) and I'd love to take the credit for it too. But the truth is, I have and am nothing without Jesus.  He is the reason for the joy I have over this great life.  Maybe all this house stuff is happening to truly remind me that this child is not mine. He belongs to God and He is going to provide the means for us to bring that baby home... not by my merit or by any of my hard work. At the end of this process I will not be able to look back on it and say "WE brought this baby home".  Instead, I will only be able to praise God for making it happen.

I am, however, wondering if I should make a list of my favorite appliances & start praying for them! ha ha ... just kidding. Well, maybe not about the coffee maker! :)


  1. LOL - you are my hero.....I am sooooo bad at'letting go' - and you are so wonderful at finding the meaning and the love and staying positive. Love you, Auntie

  2. Word, sister!!! It's been such a comfort to me that God is taking care of our baby, that He's in charge of protecting it, and not me. And in the same way, that He will provide the funds and such for this whole thing, not me. :)


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