Saturday, June 19, 2010

Everything I've wanted to say

I don't know how to answer the question "Why are you adopting?" Which is funny, since we've had to send an official statement about it to our adoption agency, the grant we've applied for, and to the Ethiopian government. I guess I should say that I don't know how to answer it in less than 45 minutes. There are so MANY things I want to say about adoption.

But guess what? Someone ELSE blogged about it and I absolutely love what she had to say! Please go check her blog post out. It will give you some insight into my heart:

As passionate as I am about adoption, I'm just as passionate about the work Heart for Africa is doing in Swaziland. You cannot adopt Swazi children. Orphans are being raised and educated in the children's homes because they are the future of their country and our prayer is that they will help change the trajectory of Swaziland one day.  Adoption is NOT the cure-all for our problems here in the US or worldwide. It helps alleviate a bit of the symptoms sometimes.

Anyway, stop reading my blog & go read that other one. :)


  1. Wow Kirstin, she does say it very well. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. What an amazing post. She mentions so many things that I never knew about. Surely if everyone could read her words they would be more understanding.

  3. I saw that segment on The View and it warms my heart that there are people like you who open your hearts so entirely to adding a baby to your home. Lucky children, lucky parents!!! L&H, 'auntie'

  4. i finally got your blog site back on my computer after mine crashed! i have missed reading it! it is so apparent that you have such a heart for your little guy over in africa! i can't wait to hear the next update!

  5. I haven't read it yet...but I will! We're late for swimming lessons! Just wanted to let you know I'm praying for you sweet baby boy...where ever he is. I was just praying yesterday that God would protect him whether he's in the womb or already here. Either way God knows who he is...sure hope he lets you know soon! Thanks for letting us experience this journey with you! (even if we really can't know what you and rob are feeling!)

  6. Love this post as well! Yes, I work for GCS! Are you Ginny's neighbor she's been telling me about?!


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