Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dangerous thoughts...

I've been trying (well okay, not trying hard but trying) not to make any predictions for how I think the whole adoption process will go down.  But I've been largely unsuccessful because at the moment my heart has nothing else to do in this waiting game but think about WHEN I will get to hold that child of mine on the other side of the world!

And I've been paying close attention to the blogs of other Gladney families who are further along in the process. The first groups of families who will travel twice to Ethiopia are getting ready for that first trip and "timelines" are starting to take form about how long everything will take.

So here is my very scientific (ha ha) prediction on when I think the earliest we could bring Cassell baby #3 home: March 2011. I think that is the earliest I can hope for. And that means the chances of that happening are VERY slim!

Really, I just want him here before June 2011. A close friend of ours is getting married & Rob is doing that wedding and I would LOVE to be able to bring the whole family to Texas for that wedding (although the up side of not having him home would be that I'd get to pay more attention to the wedding). And one of our  youth from Texas has started taking some incredible photographs of families and I would SO SO SO love to have her take some family pics for us. 

So here's the lowdown on my dream version of our process:
October is the earliest I could hope to get a referral. We'll hit the 5 month wait mark on Sept 30th.
It takes 1-2 months to be assigned a court date and then that date is about a month out. So if I'm told about a court date in early December, the court date would be in January sometime. We'd go to court in Ethiopia in January and then IF we passed court the first time we'd travel back 3-6 weeks later to bring him home. That puts us March-ish.

And these are dangerous thoughts for me to have... because we could also still be on the waiting list in January hitting the 9 month mark of waiting (which wouldn't be abnormal at all).

Wouldn't it be funny if pregnancy were this way? "Well, I might have the baby in March but, you know, maybe I'd go into labor in July..." ha ha!


  1. I have been playing this game too! I'm interested to see how the new two trip rule plays out and what it does to the timeline.

  2. I love that you're planning! And I love to hear about your plans! Maybe they make baby sticks like they do rain sticks. You can dance outside with it and God will hear your stick dance and realize that your baby is ready! :)

  3. I'm so stoked for you!!! This is the funnest game ever!!!

    -Crazy fact I just learned: Haitians don't understand the concept of miscarriages, and consequently they do believe that pregnancies vary in length. For example: say a girl got pregnant at 15 and tragically lost the baby, but then got pregnant again 3 years later. She thinks she's pregnant that whole time, her baby just wasn't growing yet. Sad/mind-blowing, huh?

  4. I bet it will all come together even before you think! Plus, I now have a hard time remembering the waiting period - it seems like it all went by so fast, even though I know at the time I was stressing. can't wait for ruby to meet her new buddy!


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