Monday, May 24, 2010

Thinking ahead of myself

We had the craziest weekend this weekend. I don't know that we have ever crammed that much stuff into one weekend (and we still missed out on one birthday party & a graduation party). Sheesh! But one of the best parts was the Ethiopian pot-luck for families in our area who have adopted from Ethiopia. We were thrilled when we first started this process to learn that there is an incredible group of families around here who have adopted from Ethiopia and they get together every few months!

Have I mentioned my friend Teyobsta? She works at the hospital with me and I learned shortly after we started the adoption process that she is from Ethiopia. Her little boy is about Riley's age so we've gotten them together for some playdates and I invited her along to the cookout. She had a blast seeing all the Ethiopian kids and she could guess what part of Ethiopia each child was from just by looking at them. She'll definitely be coming along with me to the next get together. We laughed because I was telling her I'd probably be the only one there without an Ethiopian child & she reminded me that her son was born in America & had never been to Ethiopia :) And there turned out to be another family there (Wake grads, whoo hoo!) who are in the "paperchase" phase.

It was really an amazing sight to watch all these children running around playing together. Some Ethiopian, some American-born, and a few children adopted from some other countries as well. It was awesome. And I found myself searching the faces of each Ethiopian child wondering which one might have features that resemble our little boy.  I went home with a head full of beautiful faces and couldn't stop thinking about each one... I can not wait to see my son's face!


  1. That sounds like so much fun!!! Can't wait to have your son!!

  2. Aww, this post brought tears to my eyes! As mothers, we all wonder what the baby in our belly will look like, but when the baby was in someone else's belly...I have no idea what that must feel like. I know he will be beautiful!

  3. Hey - I found your blog and wonder if you are near Knoxville? We are in process of adopting from Ghana, Africa but we have friends and my sister who went to a picnic like what you are talking about this past weekend. God is stirring up the nations, isn't he? So glad things are moving for you! Many blessings for your journey!

  4. Bloggin'Robin - for some reason I can't get to your blog but I wanted to write you back! We're not near Knoxville but you're right - it is incredible how many people are adopting! I had no idea until we started looking into it!


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