Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Our Baby in Africa"

I'm sorry I haven't updated in awhile! I actually did write a post about fundraising but I haven't posted it yet... I promise to tell y'all about our super-cool fundraiser idea very soon!

Today I just wanted to share about how my kids are reacting to the adoption. Riley prays for "our baby in Africa" every night. We have a close friend who is 34 weeks pregnant and went into pre-term labor this week so we've been up to the hospital a bunch and been praying a lot for her. The other night we had been praying that baby Maya wouldn't be born too soon and that she would come into this world safely.  Tonight, Riley wanted to pray that "our baby in Africa" would come home safely. And then he reminded me that that baby wouldn't grow in my tummy (as if I could ever forget that!).  I love how much Riley already is looking forward to his little brother. I don't know exactly how much he understands about adoption but his whole heart is in this process... all he cares about is that a little brother will show up at the end!

We've been asking Allyn if she wants a little brother. She always responds with "yeah."  However, she also says "yeah" when Riley asks her if she wants to eat a worm!  She is almost the age that Riley was when Allyn was born. That shocks me. And it makes my heart ache to have our next child here. I wonder how old she'll be when she finally gets to be a big sister. I've been planning out the kids' big brother & big sister t-shirts in my head. And I've ordered a special embroidery design for the shape of Africa for my machine... I can't wait for the kids to wear them! Since we don't get to surprise our family with a "I'm pregnant" phone call I figure we'll do something fun with the shirts somehow. Haven't figured that out yet... but I won't be posting it when I do - too many family members read the blog! ha ha!

I'm still praying for my little one out there somewhere. The oldest he could be right now is about 9 months. I look a babies all the time and wonder what he might be doing. I really do think he's already born by now. And I'm starting to think we really might get a referral this fall instead of in the spring, which is a dangerous thing to stick in my head. But I'm praying for it all the same!

PS. In 10 days I get to have a "one month on the waitlist" post! YAY! Gotta look forward to even the little milestones, right???

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  1. That is so sweet, Kirstin. So happy for you and your sweet family. Praying for your baby in Africa as well...


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