Sunday, May 30, 2010


We made it through our first month on the wait list!  Honestly, it's felt kind of like a vacation from adoption stuff. The 4-5 months leading up to getting on the wait list felt so frantic & frazzled with all the paperwork. It took a week or two to adjust to the idea that I didn't need to be thinking about where each piece of paperwork was and who I needed to call to check on what and how many copies of each needed to be sent where. Whew! But being on the wait list is easy (please remind me of this when we've hit month #7!)

When we first started out on the wait list I had it in my head that we would wait 10 months for our referral. I don't think I even told people at first that we potentially could wait only 5 months. But then somewhere along the way I started believing that we really might could get a referral this fall (PS Ethiopian playdate friends, I blame y'all for planting the seed! ha ha - just kidding!). In August, Allyn will be two which means that after that we could accept a referral for a child 12 months old, which is when the wait list time can be shorter. Of course, we could also still wind up with a tiny baby and spend the entire 10 months on the wait list. Or the wait time could increase due to something totally beyond our control.  But I'm heading down a dangerous path of planning for a referral this fall. I'll be praying hard about that over the next few months.

Lately I've just been celebrating other families' referrals. I've been stalking the folks who are the top of our "unofficial" wait list (it's called the Gladney FBI). So as soon as the family blogs about having received a referral, I hear about it right away. Rejoicing with those families helps me feel a little closer to the day we'll rejoice over our own child. It's still hard to believe that we really will get a referral one day. There really is a child at the end of this journey.

My prayers for month #2 are about getting our butts in gear for some fundraising. I'm hoping to sew some more stuff (I did get my etsy site up & running but the only thing on it right now are bag tags:  We have our application in for the Both Hands fundraiser and I'm excited to get that going.  I have complete faith that God will provide all the funds for this adoption so most days I'm not completely freaked out! heh heh


  1. :) One month closer to your baby than you were a month ago. How wonderful! You know, we could always buy more bag tags. ;)

  2. The months are going to fly by! But what is strange is that it seems like so long ago when you went on the waitlist - time is so funny once you have kids - it flies but it doesn't too!


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