Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two New Updates

The first (and most important) is that I heard from Kate at KBS Dossiers and she thinks our dossier will be totally done by FRIDAY!! Guess who will be checking her email every ten minutes next week?  Once the dossier is done, Kate lets Gladney know so I'm just waiting for that "Waiting List" email from Gladney!

The second is... I opened an etsy store!! I have been thinking about selling some of the stuff I sew in order to raise money for our adoption! I did it last Christmas and raised about $1000 for Heart for Africa so I am hoping to be successful on etsy! So far I only have two things up but I have something cool and African-themed in the works so stay tuned!!  Here's the link:

Right now I'm just praying that the next post from me will be to tell you that we're on the wait list!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Woohoo! C'mon wait list! And I showed my roommate Grace your bag tags and she just happens to be in love with elephants and the color green so she fell in love with Liam's tag. :) So we'll be ordering a bag tag for her, too! I'll let you know once we get it all figured out!


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