Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The adoption journey is difficult, full of unexpected twists & turns. Everyone tells you this.  I knew this going into it.  And I thought I was prepared. But I was wrong. "We'll have some tough spots," I thought, "but surely nothing too terribly difficult will happen during OUR journey." Just call me Miss Naive.

I had actually planned to write a blog update this week and call it "stagnant" because we really hadn't had anything go on this week. I felt like we were standing still in the process.  Rob did go back to CIS and was able to successfully get fingerprinted (take that, bagel!) but otherwise there was no news on the adoption front.

Until I checked my email this afternoon.

Ethiopia has changed their court policy. Until now, a representative from our adoption agency was allowed to stand in for us at court. That meant we would only take one trip to Ethiopia, thus saving us from having to buy two sets of plane tickets & leaving our kids here twice.  That was until today.  As of today, BOTH adoptive parents have to present before court in Addis Ababa.  We now have to travel to Ethiopia twice.... leaving our kids here twice.... paying for two more plane tickets to Ethiopia (plus the other travel expenses).

Imagine my shock. Part of the draw for us toward Ethiopia was the ONE required trip.  And we're already stressed about finances and now this means two more plane tickets to buy.  At one point while reading the email I had to remind myself to breathe.

BUT.... here is the GOOD part. No, not good - the AMAZING part. This means we will get to meet our child much earlier in the process. We'll get to hold him and kiss him and take pictures with him to bring back to our kids here.  And when we return to Ethiopia to bring him home he will have seen us in person before, not just from pictures we've sent.  What an awesome opportunity!

So in this MAJOR "setback" is an amazing thing.... I will get to hold that baby in my arms much sooner (even if I still don't get to bring him home until later).  As a mom, I couldn't ask for anything better.

And now I know to fasten my seatbelt extra tightly on this rollercoaster journey.


  1. Wow... I was reading that and was almost brought to tears. Then it completely turned on me and I got chills reading about your excitement at getting to hold your child earlier!

    Know that you have lots of prayers behind you and that God is leading you! There will be a way!

  2. Kirsten, you are one of the most amazing people I know. Just reading what you write makes my faith stronger.

    I am so sorry that you have to do that trip twice-- but I can see the silver lining of holding the baby sooner, too! Hopefully you will have a smooth journey for a while now.

  3. We are praying for you guys. I was encouraged in my own faith talking to Rob tonight at church-God is going to do amazing things in this journey. I am sorry for the setback, but can't wait to hear about that sweet little boy!

  4. this is such hard news, but at least the gov didn't decide to close adoptions or anything worse. it will work out & in the end it will just be one roadbump on the way to your child. plus, ethiopia is cool, so you will get to know it even better. we'll be thinking of you!

  5. sorry about the change in procedure. Are you doing any fundraisers for your adoption? I have some ideas for you for sure...

    Will b praying for sure!

  6. You are so POSITIVE! Great to read this good news! You definately made lemonade out of lemons!!
    God Bless!!!!

  7. My friend emily (who adopted in Dec) just wrote about this too on her blog

  8. oh kirsten i am so sad to hear about that setback...but it sounds like you are trying to focus on the positive and that is great!! how wonderful you can meet that sweet little boy a little earlier..i know that everything will work out--praying for you guys..


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