Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How many major appliances....

... is God going to allow us to destroy before we actually trust Him to provide the funding for this adoption?!?!

Guess what caught on fire yesterday? The lawnmower. It was actually pretty scary since Rob & Riley were standing right next to it as it caught on fire and we were terrified it would blow up. But now looking back the situation was pretty funny because it brought all our neighbors out of their homes toting various "solutions" to the problem (prize goes to my friend Mariah for showing up with potting soil, in case anyone was wondering).

So here's the list of big things that have broken and/or been replaced since we decided to adopt: the kitchen sink/dishwasher/countertops/floor, our washer, something expensive in Rob's car (I can't remember what that was), and now the lawnmower.  At the moment, Rob & Riley are at Lowes to buy a new lawnmower. And a fire extinguisher. And a bag of potting soil to replace Mariah's.

But here's the thing... when we needed almost $1500 to pay for the next round of fees, God provided it (a family member just happened to send us an $500 and she didn't even know about the $1000 donation we got OR that we even needed the money for the fees!!).  Then this week we canceled our cable because we felt like we needed to be cutting down on "extras" for the next year and a half while we focus on the adoption.  God's response: lawnmower fire! :) I don't think that God's frowning on our cutting out extras but I'm sure He's reminding us of WHO exactly is in charge of this whole thing. Rob said to me last night "and I was just starting to feel okay about money again."

So here's my prayer for today: Okay, God. I get it. Please don't come after the fridge, the dryer, or my food processor. I trust you that adopting from Ethiopia is something that you have called us to do and I know you will help us do it!

We're starting the application to do this super cool fundraising project... I am so excited about it! And that's the cliffhanger... I'll tell y'all more about it later!


  1. oh girl! That is too much! but you are right---that God is in control. I am telling you, you need to start selling capes, or some other crafty goodness you can do! Let me know when the fundraiser is up and i will promote the heck out of it on my blog!

  2. :) I hope your food processor is safe! You made me laugh!

    I'll keep praying. Love y'all!

  3. Hi Kirsten, nice to "meet" you. I had come across your blog on the fbi page too. Looks like you all are close to being on the wait list. That is so exciting! We've had similar experiences with appliances breaking and such as soon as we decided to adopt!


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