Thursday, March 25, 2010

APPROVAL (and frustration!)

It came it came! Last week I got word that our homestudy was sitting on the approval manager's desk. I've been stalking my email ever since. Usually my rule is that if the kids are awake I'm not on the computer but I've been leaving my email up & checking it every time I walked by just in case...

And it came today: "Congratulations, you are now Gladney approved and ready to begin the dossier and ultimately the referral phase of your adoption process." Great big happy sigh!

Yay! That means CIS approval and making sure our dossier documents are all set and then we can be on the waiting list! Hooray!

Want to know the really amazing part??? Now that we're approved we have to pay the next set of fees - about $1400. And guess what happened this week? An incredible individual (or family) gave an anonymous donation to us through our church of $1000. How amazing is our God? I have been continually amazed and humbled by how God works and this process so far has done nothing but affirm my faith in Him... even in the tough moments! And I thank God especially for that family!

What a GREAT day!

Okay... I wrote all the above part earlier today but I thought I'd add a small addendum just to give y'all a little taste of exactly what the highs & lows of adopting are really like! I was on cloud nine today after learning we had our agency approval! I happened to check my email again tonight and found an email from the person who is helping us put together our Ethiopian dossier paperwork and learned that the employment verification letter I sent was not notarized correctly and has to be re-done. This is not a huge deal and certainly NOT the first document we've had to re-do but what is so frustrating about it is that the reason it's unusable is because the notary seal doesn't have a rectangle around it. 

Seriously... a rectangle.  Please raise your hand if you think the presence or absence of a rectangle has anything to do with adoption... or my ability to parent! Oh but it does... apparently the presence of a rectangle is quite important! ha ha ha. I'm laughing but it's a little frustrating to have to email my employer & ask for another letter that must be notarized again (and follow all the correct notarization guidelines for adoption, which are slightly different than regular notarization). Plus it costs me $8 every time I have to mail in more original documents! So really, that rectangle is costing me $8!! (just kidding)



  1. Well, I'll look on the bright side. It always amazes me (why is that?) when things work out so perfectly that you know that God has His hand in them--and I'm sorry about the $8 rectangle (and your precious time, which is worth a lot more than $8)

  2. Gotta laugh that the little tests seem to be the real issue - perhaps God's sense of humor! I'm personally counting down to adding another little one who I can teach to say 'aaauuuuuuunnnnnnnnntie'...
    love & bigs hugs coming to all!!!

  3. Congrats! That is great news! If it helps, I'd be glad to draw you a rectangle, and I wouldn't charge you $8! Ha ha. You'll get there!


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