Thursday, February 18, 2010

Letting Go...

Back in December I was complaining because I didn't like having so much control over the adoption process! That's when we were trying to pick an adoption agency.  Since then, I've had quite a bit of control over everything... I chose when to contact gov't agencies and when to have the homestudy (and how clean to get the house for the homestudy).  I was in control over how fast things were happening because it was up to me to get things done.

That time is now OVER!

This morning, I mailed the remainder of our documents off for our Ethiopian dossier, the last document needed for Citizenship & Immigration, and the last document needed for our adoption agency.

I now have NO control over what happens from here. We show up for our fingerprint appointments with CIS (Citizenship & Immigration) on Tuesday of next week and begin the next phase of the process: waiting.

We'll wait to get our FBI & CIS clearances. Then we'll wait for our Ethiopian dossier to be authenticated. Then we go on the official wait list... to wait some more for a referral!

For someone to likes to be in control, this is gonna be tough!  I'm actually okay with the waiting until we get a referral. Once I have a name and a face the rest is going to be really hard. For now, I'm cool with being patient. It gives me more time to pray for our child and for the process.

And now that I don't have so much adoption paperwork to do, I plan to enjoy having just two kids before I have to figure out how to wrangle three!!!! :)

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