Sunday, February 14, 2010

The latest... and my new search!

Here's the most recent adoption news on the Cassell front: final homestudy was Friday and it went really well. The house was clean clean clean and the kids (for the most part) behaved!  Now we're waiting 4-6 weeks for the actual typed up homestudy to be completed. At that point, we have to send a copy to CIS (Citizenship & Immigration) and a copy to the person who is helping us do our Ethiopian dossier.  After that... we wait! CIS says they take about 90 days to process our application once they receive everything. We go next week to get our fingerprints done with them so the homestudy will be the last thing they need to process us. Once Gladney gets all our clearances & we submit our Ethiopian dossier, we can go on the wait list!

I'm going to go on the record and say I think we'll be on the wait list by July. I'm hoping that it will be before we leave for our trip to Swaziland.  This is my scientific conjecture based on pretty much nothing! :) ha ha! I'm also 99% certain I'm wrong but I don't really know if I'm ahead of myself or behind! Anyway, that's my goal and there is absolutely nothing I can do to make sure it happens!

I have learned that it is REALLY hard to find a good African-American doll! I had no idea!!! Granted, I have absolutely no experience in doll shopping in the first place. Riley got one for Christmas a long time ago from my wonderful friend Susan and she did all the hard work trying to find a "boy" doll!!  This time I was trying to find an African American boy baby doll for Allyn to put in her Easter basket and really thought I'd just "pick one up somewhere."  Nope. It's really hard to find one!  At Toys & Co, there were only two African American dolls period and they both were girls. Then I fell in love with "Jim Ray" a Cabbage Patch Kid on their website only to find out he costs $50 (we don't spend that much on Christmas presents for the kids and I'm  not about to spend it for an Easter basket gift!!!).  So the search continues.  Babies R Us online has an African-American baby cabbage patch kid for $20 but the store here in Greensboro doesn't actually carry it.  What is wrong with us!?!?! This is ridiculous!

Soooo... want to join in the search with me!?!? Let me know if you find or have found an African American baby doll, preferably a boy!!  And I'll keep y'all posted on my search for Allyn's new baby!! :) Maybe she needs her own blog for that!

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