Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just a little update!

Every time I try to convince myself that this process is not really moving along any faster than normal, something happens to make me feel like it's going fast!  I had just convinced myself that the USCIS (Citizenship & Immigration) wouldn't schedule our fingerprinting appointments until after they had received the final copy of our homestudy and SUDDENLY Rob & I get fingerprint appointments in the mail!!!! And they're on the same day at the same time! We'll be headed to Raleigh on Feb 23rd so that the government can "capture our biometrics" (sounds kind of painful! ha ha). And Gladney has let us know that our homestudy should be complete about 10 days after we have the final homestudy visit at our house (which is this Friday). So we should be able to send them a copy of the homestudy not long after they do the fingerprints! Then it takes about 90 days to process and hopefully after all of that.... we'll have permission from the US Government to adopt internationally.

We have a few little things left to do for our Ethiopian dossier, like getting passport pictures made but we're pretty much through with everything that we had any control over! HOORAY!

Please pray for us on Friday morning... final homestudy visit! The social worker comes to our house, meets the kids & talks with us for about an hour. And there's little chance the kitchen will be done so I'll have to find a creative place to put our dirty breakfast dishes since we still won't have a sink or a dishwasher! But I don't really care - I'm just so happy that the final homestudy day is almost here!

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  1. I'm so excited for y'all! I can't wait to hear about your creative dirty dish storage space. It would be so amazing if you have your third child before I get to meet your second one (this summer?)!

    Yay for exciting news and updates!


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