Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Homestudy Part One.... DONE!

We met with the Gladney person who does their homestudies on Monday morning this week to do the interview part of our homestudy! And the night before that we got to go to a Pot-Luck dinner for families in the area who have adopted from Ethiopia (or are in the process).  What a great two days! The dinner was wonderful and it was so nice to meet some other people who are doing the same thing we are (and all of whom were much further ahead of us in the process).  I'm definitely looking forward to meeting with them again!

I thought I'd have some really insightful things to say after the homestudy but I just feel glad that it happened!  I learned some important things about ways to prepare our family, friends, and church for the arrival of our little one. It will be different from when we had our other two and I'm praying people are understanding.

The second part of the homestudy happens next week when she comes out to our home & gets to meet our crazy kids! :)  After that point, everything that we had control over is over. That's a weird feeling.

So here's what happens from here:
When our homestudy is complete, we have to get a copy of it to CIS (Citizenship & Immigration) and then they'll contact us for a fingerprinting appointment (they call it a biometrics appointment which sounds very CSI to me!!!!).  Once our clearances all come back and we have sent off our Ethiopian dossier, we get to go on the wait list for a child.  I have no earthly idea how long that might take.  When we first started, we heard that it takes about 8 months to get all your paperwork done. But we've gotten our part of it done pretty quickly so I'm hoping that means our government won't drag its feet about processing all our stuff!

I am actually looking forward to just being on the wait list. I know that will bring a different kind of stress but right now I'm looking at it as a restful time for our family. We can relax a little knowing we've done what we can and that God is in the details and we will find the right child at the right time.

Someone please remind me of that when we hit month four of being on the wait list and I'm getting antsy!! :)

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