Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bagel Setback!!!

Y'all will not believe this... Rob wasn't able to do his fingerprint appointment with Citizenship & Immigration because he cut his finger on a bagel at church on Sunday!!!!  He had told me in the car on the way there that he'd had a nightmare the night before that the cut on his finger had caused a problem and I had laughed... but then it happened! I couldn't believe it!

But the good thing is that since he showed up & tried to do his appointment, they just wrote on his letter that he can come back anytime after it has healed. Had we tried to reschedule it any other way, we would have had to wait a month for a new appointment. At least this way he can go back next week when his finger is better. Sheesh! :)

We've had a few other small setbacks... some of our paperwork that we sent out for our Ethiopian dossier wasn't quite right so we'll have to re-do those. And I just learned that the FBI is taking longer than normal to process things so we might not get our clearance back from them as soon as I had hoped.  I'm praising God that we hired someone to help us with our Ethiopian dossier because she's the one who is double-checking everything and she has caught quite a few things I missed! I'm hoping this will increase our chances of passing court the first time when we finally have our court date in Ethiopia!

I wasn't very good about doing pregnancy pictures when I was pregnant with Riley & Allyn (mostly because I'm not good about being in pictures anyway) but I did have a few so I grabbed our camera at the last minute on our way to Citizenship & Immigration.  Obviously I forgot that government buildings are NOT places to take pictures. Rob says I shouldn't blog about what happened... so be sure to ask me about it next time you see me!


  1. how does one cut themselves on a bagel? that is commitment. :) sorry about the setback.

    And I am eager to hear of your government building story!

  2. Oh no! I'm sorry that Rob isn't as good at bagel cutting as he had hoped. Maybe next time he'll successfully cut the bagel and not himself!

    You'll have to email me the story or make sure you remember it to tell me this summer when we (hopefully) get to come see you!


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