Monday, January 4, 2010


If there was any one thing that worried me or held me back about the adoption it was funding. When we first learned how much it costs to adopt internationally, I immediately assumed that it just wasn't for us to do. But we kept praying about it and couldn't let it go. We've made some financial plans and are hoping to do some fundraising and we should be able to do it on our own... or so I thought.

God has some other plans sometimes. I'm always learning to rely on Him rather than on myself (I must be a slow learner). Every since we decided 100% to start the process, a billion expensive things broke in our house. Our entire kitchen floor and cabinets/countertop have been torn out due to a broken dishwasher, my dryer broke, and now we need a plumber to come fix the shower in the main bathroom. Oh yeah, and we had to buy a new computer!

I have absolutely no doubt that adopting this child is what God wants us to do... so why would I think I wouldn't need to lean on Him to make it happen? He's not going to give us this giant undertaking and then say "Good luck... see ya at the end of it all!" But He also knows I love to rely on myself and show off just how much I can achieve. I'm just like Riley - "I can do it all by myself!" This is my lesson in humility. The glory and the credit for this adoption happening all go back to Jesus and I'm actually glad for the little financial reminder I'm getting right at the beginning of it all!

Whatever happens through this process, I want to honor God in all aspects of it. I may get frustrated (I'm certain I will) but I'm glad I serve a God who won't hesitate to remind me of where I stand in the situation - right in His hands.

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