Friday, January 8, 2010

Making Progress!

Melkam Gena!! Merry Christmas! Yes, I know the date today but yesterday was Christmas Day in Ethiopia!! :) I wonder how (and if) our little one celebrated the holiday and I pray he was loved on in a special way.

We're mailing our I-600A to the USCIS today! Whoo hoo! And of course everyone knows exactly what I'm talking about, right? ha ha. Welcome to the new language that is "Adoption speak!" The I-600A is our official request to the US Gov't for permission to adopt internationally. This is actually the very first thing you're supposed to do in the process. We got behind because the state of Texas decided to lollygagg (spelling?) about sending us a certified copy of our marriage license. It'll be followed by getting fingerprinted by the USCIS (US Citizenship & Immigration Service)

You know how in the movies the CIA and FBI and other gov't agencies always seem to be at odds and don't share information with each other??? I'm starting to think there's a grain of truth to that! We have to be fingerprinted by the FBI (we were supposed to do that yesterday but I got sick so now we have to wait till Tues...blah). You would think that the USCIS could just call up the FBI and ask them for the fingerprints... nope! I don't mind though... it makes me feel kinda important! Plus I hear technology has advanced and I won't leave with inky fingers because it's all computerized now... amazing :)


  1. so exciting!glad you started a blog about it! I would love to hear on the blog sometime what led you to adopt.

  2. you finally told me how to respond. I also want to be a Contributor, don't know how to that yet, maybe by credit card have to figure out the profile too. Great to be "older"
    Grampa Kip


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