Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This is happening faster than I had thought!!! I got an email from Judy, our wonderful paperwork assistant, at Gladney that they've submitted a request for our homestudy and we'll be contacted in the next 30 days to schedule it!!! Whoa! I thought we wouldn't do that until I had ALL the paperwork in! We have most of it done so I guess that was enough to proceed. I have butterflies in my stomach... nervousness and excitement that we've come this far in the process already!

The list from Judy of the things we still have left to turn in only has 8 things on it!!! EIGHT! And most of those I've already gotten started and am just waiting for phone calls to go pick up the paperwork! We started with approximately 38 different documents to gather (or government agencies to contact) and now I have a measly 8 things left on my current "to do" list. I almost don't know what to do with myself without keeping a million loose ends tied up in my brain! :)

The funny thing is that the sooner we get the process finished the more likely we are to have to wait longer for a child. We started the process when Allyn was only 16 months old and for us to say we want a child who is 18 months or younger I think we have to have Allyn be a year older than he is. Or wait longer for a younger child. But that's okay... we know that this process is about getting the right child at the right time and I'm just so excited to be moving towards the next phase and getting that Cassell name on the waiting list!!!

I'd start cleaning the house now to prepare for the homestudy but with my crazy kids I can't keep the place clean for 5 minutes! I'm thinking I'll be arranging for childcare for the day BEFORE and the day OF the homestudy just so I can get the house clean and keep it that way for 24 hours! ha ha ha!

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