Saturday, January 16, 2010

Adoption can't be good for the environment...

...just kidding! Well, kind of! I can't get over how much paper we're going through with adoption paperwork! And then we double it because of course we want to keep a copy of everything we send out just in case! Whew!

We mailed out all the documents in groups #1 & #2 to our adoption agency today! There are three main groups of documents so I'm very excited to get a lot of it in. It's funny to look at a stack of papers and know it's the result of doing some form of paperwork or consulting some government agency pretty much every day for about a month. I don't know if this means we've gotten things done fast or not because so much rides on how long it takes the US Gov't to process everything. Right now I'm stalking my mailbox waiting for my confirmation of receipt from USCIS that they got our I600A (Our request to adopt internationally). I used to stalk my mailman because I had ordered some cute cloth diapers... now I'm stalking him because I want a piece of paper from the government! :)

This experience is so different from my last two pregnancies. The minute you find out you're pregnant you begin being a parent to that child. It's odd to know I have a child out there somewhere who, for the time being, is not mine. And with a pregnancy, you have a pretty good idea of when that baby's coming. We're hoping for spring of next year but the reality is that we really don't know. It could be much longer. Or shorter.

I just can't wait to meet him. I dream of him and of introducing him to his big brother & big sister and I smile just thinking about the joy it all will bring. I'm trying not to equate this stage of the process with being pregnant just because of how long it will take but it's hard not to feel the same way I did when I was first pregnant with my other two. Those feelings of expectation, joy, hope, and a little bit of nervousness (how in the world will we wrangle 3 kids!??!) just won't go away... and I'm betting they'll tag along with me however long the process lasts.

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