Thursday, December 10, 2009


I just got off the phone with the Edna Gladney rep to do our phone orientation for adoption and my head is SPINNING! I'm not really daunted by all the forms we have to fill out - I can fill out forms but it's all the official copies of everything that we'll need that scares me. The basic info form we have to fax in in order for them to send us the application has us list all the states where we were born, married, and currently live. That's four different states for us... and then it says that they'll send us the state gov't contact info so that we can authenticate each thing! We'll have to request info from MA, SC, TX, and SC just to prove we were born, we're married, and where we live now! Whew! And that's just for the application. I also just got off the US Gov't immigration website to print of the I-600A form that we need to complete... we'll have to be FBI fingerprinted and everything. Whew

This is so different from just getting pregnant that it almost seems surreal. But at the end of all this paperwork is a child and that makes it all worthwhile.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

And so it begins...

I've known I wanted to start a blog when we started the adoption process just so I could have a place to keep everyone updated and share our experiences with family & friends but I'm shocked that I'm already here! We haven't started anything official yet but I just requested our first round of paperwork from Edna Gladney so that we can do the preliminary stuff in order to formally apply for adoption. Wow. I find it funny that the adoption process, which requires a ridiculous amount of paperwork, has paperwork to complete before you can even fill out an application. A sign of what the next year will be full of, right? Whew!

Right now I have the same feelings I had when I learned I was pregnant with Allyn... excitement, nervousness, guilt ('cause my kids will have to share their parents with yet another child). I think because I felt all this before it doesn't scare me quite as much because I see how wonderful it was to add a child to our family last time. The thought of three kids freaks me out just a little but if my sister-in-law can wrangle four and still have a clean house surely I can manage three in our sometimes-clean house! :)

When I spoke with the representative from Gladney this morning she said that the wait time for a child between the ages of 1-2 is about 4-5 months. That means it'll take us about 8 months to do all our paperwork and then once our dossier is in, it's only 4-5 months of waiting from there making the entire process take about a year. One year.... longer than a pregnancy but not all that long. We were anticipating a 12-18 month process but since we don't want a child under 12 months that makes it a little shorter for us.

Thanks for reading... I'm sure I won't have much updating to do in the beginning but check back sometime in the months to come to see how everything's going!!